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^ xeox 





?S c/i 





A very small percentage of people may experience a seizure when exposed to certain 

visual images, including flashing lights or patterns that may appear in video games. 

Even people who have no history of seizures or epilepsy may have an undiagnosed 

condition that can cause these "photosensitive epileptic seizures" while watching 

video games. 

These seizures may have a variety of symptoms including: lightheadedness, altered 

vision, eye or face twitching, jerking or shaking of arms or legs, disorientation, 

confusion, or momentary loss of awareness. Seizures may also cause loss of 

consciousness or convulsions that can lead to injury from falling down or striking 

nearby objects. 

Immediately stop playing and consult a doctor if you experience any of these 

symptoms. Parents should watch for or ask their children about the above symptoms 

— children and teenagers are more likely than adults to experience these seizures. 

The risk of photosensitive epileptic seizures may be reduced by sitting farther from 

the television screen, using a smaller television screen, playing in a well-lit room, 

and not playing when you are drowsy or fatigued. 

If you or any of your relatives have a history of seizures or epilepsy, consult 

a doctor before playing. 

Other Important Health and Safety Information. The Xbox® Instruction Manual 

contains important health and safety information that you should read and 

understand before using this software. 


Do not use with certain televisions. Some televisions, especially front- or rear- 
projection types, can be damaged if any video games, including Xbox® games, are 
played on them. Static images presented during the normal course of game play may 
"burn in" to the screen, causing a permanent shadow of the static image to appear 
at all times, even when video games are not being played. Similar damage may occur 
from static images created when placing a video game on hold or pause. Consult 
your television owner's manual to determine if video games can be played safely 
on your set. If you are unable to find this information in the owner's manual, contact 
your television dealer or the manufacturer to determine if video games can be played 
on your set. 

Unauthorized copying, reverse engineering, transmission, public performance, rental, 
pay for play, or circumvention of copy protection is strictly prohibited. 


Controls ^ 

Mapping A [default] ^ 

Mapping B 3 

Steering Wheel Controller 3 

Bet Ready to Race! 4 

Menus 4 

Main Menu 4 

Team Racing Menu 4 

Solo Racing Menu 4 

Multlplager Menu 4 

Options Menu 5 

Profile Menu S 

Race Settings Menu S 

Team Racing E 

Team Racing Eame Screen E 

Switching Vehicles Z 

Team Orders Z 

Team Race Tgpes 9 

Career Progress 9 

Team Vehicle Selection 9 

Solo Racing tO 

Solo Racing Eame Screen lO 

Solo Race Tgpes lO 

Solo Vehicle Selection // 

Track Selection // 

Credits // 


O llefttriggerl 

O lleftthumbstick) 
O (back) button 
(start) button 

D (right trigger) 

O (right thumbstickl 
w (directional pad) 

• button 
O button 

You can play FORD BOLD MOVES STREET RACING"^ using the Xbox Controller or Steering 
Wheel. You can select your preferred control configuration from the Controls section 
of the Options menu. 

MAPPINE A [default] 





Steer (^/^) 

Menu navigation 


Rear view (4-) 


Switcii forward {\) 
Switch backward (4) 
Steer (^/^) 

Menu navigation 


Brake/ Reverse 




Select vehicle 2/Team Draft 





Select vehicle i/Team Block 

Special function 


Cancel Team Order 


Change view 


Pause game 









Steer (^/^) 

Menu navigation 


Accelerate (t) 
Brake/ Reverse (4-) 


Switch forward {\) 
Switch backward (1^) 
Steer (^/^) 

Menu navigation 


Select vehicle i/Team Block 


Select vehicle 2/Team Draft 







Brake/ Reverse 

Special function 


Rear view 


Change view 


Cancel Team Order 


Pause game 








steering wheel 


Menu (^/^) 

accelerator pedal 


brake pedal 

Brake/ Reverse 

lower left paddle 

Brake/ Reverse 

lower right paddle 


upper left paddle 

Select vehicle i/Team Block 

upper right paddle 

Select vehicle 2/Team Draft 


directional pad 

Switch forward {'f) 
Switch backward (I-) 

Menu navigation 


Select vehicle 2/Team Draft 





Select vehicle i/Team Block 

Special function 


Change view 


Cancel Team Order 


Rear view 


Pause game 





Welcome to FORD STREET RACING] Race 18 of Ford's most aspirational vehicles through 
the streets of Los Angeles in a team-based driving experience. You command a team of up 
to three vehicles, ranging from the classic Boss Mustangs to the brand new 2007 Shelby 
GT500, with the ability to switch between vehicles in-race and issue team orders while 
racing — adding elements of team strategy and tactics to the car racing experience. 



QUICK RACE - Compete in a single Solo Race. The fastest way to get racing! 
TEAM RACING - Compete in Team Races, competitions and challenges (see below). 
SOLO RACING - Compete in Solo Races and competitions (see below). 
MULTI PLAYER - Compete in two-player Multiplayer races (see below). 
OPTIONS - Select your game options (page 5). 
PROFILE - Manage your game profile (page 5). 


SINGLE RACE - Compete in a single Team Race. Only unlocked vehicles and tracks 
are available. 

TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP -Compete in a series of Team Racing championships 
as you build your team of vehicles. 

CHALLENGES - Test your driving skills in a series of challenges to win credits. 

TUTORIALS - Learn the basics of Team Racing. We recommended that you play these 
tutorials before competing in a Team Race. 


SINGLE RACE - Compete in a single Solo Race. Only unlocked vehicles and tracks 
are available. 

CHAMPIONSHIP - Compete in a series of Solo Racing championships. 


Compete in two-player standard races. Selecting MULTIPLAYER takes you to 
the Race Settings menu (page 5). 



Turn AUTOSAVE ON to ensure that your progress and records are automatically saved. 
The Autosave Feature in this game is designed to be used with the Xbox Hard Disk. 
It is not compatible with the Xbox Memory Unit. 


EFFECTS VOLUME - Adjust the game's special effects volume. 

MUSIC VOLUME - Adjust the game's music volume. 


SPEED UNITS - Select speed readout units: KILOMETERS PER HOUR or MILES PER HOUR. 


The Controls options appear after you select either PLAYER 1 (controller port 1) 
or PLAYER 2 (controller port 2). 

BUTTON MAPPING - Select a button mapping; MAPPING A (default) or MAPPING B. 

VIBRATION -Turn the controller's vibration function ON/OFF. 


Select this option to view the game credits. 


Your profile contains your progress, best lap time and other information. 
SAVE - Save your current profile. 
LOAD - Load a previously saved profile. 
VI EW PROGRESS - View your game progress. 


The Race Settings menu appears before a Single race in Team, Solo and Multiplayer 
modes. (Menu options differ depending on the mode and race type selected.) 

RACE TYPE - Select the type of race. 

OPPONENTS - Select the number of opponents (Solo and Multiplayer modes). 

OPPONENT TEAMS - Select the number of opponent teams (Team mode). 

OPPONENT TYPE -Select the opponent type; /W/X (mixture of vehicles) or MATCH 
(same vehicle as yours). 

DIFFICULTY - Select a difficulty level; EASY, MEDIUM or HARD. 

NUMBER OF LAPS - Select the number of laps in the race. 


Control a team of either two or three vehicles that must work together to ensure they each 
finish in the highest position possible. The team with the highest point total wins — not 
the team that crosses the finish line first. 

As leader of your team, you have three special skills available: you can SWITCH between 
team vehicles to take control of them and also issue BLOCK and DRAFT orders to your 
team members. It is essential that you use combinations of Switching, Blocking and 
Drafting to develop your race strategy and racing tactics. As you play through the Team 
Championship, you will need these skills to win against more powerful teams. 
We recommended that you play the Team Racing Tutorials (page 4) before competing 
in a Team Race. 


Team IVIember Indicator 

Team Pasitian 

Pack Position 

Track IViap 

Pack Position Indicator 

Shows the current positions of all vehicles in the race. The vehicle displayed at the top 
is leading the pack. A white box indicates your vehicle; a readout in the box displays 
your vehicle's current race position. Black boxes indicate your team members. Each 
box displays the button you can use to select that vehicle and a symbol indicating 
the vehicle's current maneuver (page 7). The background color of each box matches 
the color of the Team (VlenibBr Indicator. 

Team Position Indicator 

Shows the current positions of all the teams in the race in their team colors. The team 
displayed at the top is leading the race. Team points and team position are calculated 
from the current position of each vehicle in the team. At the end of the race, finishing 
points are awarded to each team. 





















Track IVIap 

Shows the layout of the track ahead. Dots indicate the positions of all vehicles 
in the race in their team colors; a checkered marker indicates the start/finish line. 
Above the map is a readout of your vehicle's current lap and total number of laps 
in the race. Below the map is a readout of your vehicle's current speed. Use the Rear 
View camera to see a reverse view of the tracl< and all vehicles behind you. 


Switching vehicles enables you to: 

• take control of any team vehicle and advance its position in the pack; 

• get into the best position from which to issue team orders; and 

• have a greater awareness of the race situation. 

At any time while racing, you can switch the vehicle you control by pressing the Switch 
Forward or Switch Backward button. Switch Forward switches your control to the team 
vehicle ahead of you; Switch Backward switches control to the team vehicle behind you. 
When you switch vehicles, the action pauses as you are transferred to the new vehicle. 
You take control of the new vehicle as soon as the action returns to normal speed. 

• If you are currently racing the leading vehicle of your team and you Switch Forward, 
you will "wrap around" and be transferred to the trailing vehicle of your team. 
Conversely, if you are racing the trailing vehicle of your team and you Switch Backward, 
you will be transferred to the leading vehicle of your team. Try to l<eep your team 
together as this allows you to race more effectively as a team. 


As the leader of your team, you can issue Block orders to slow down opposing team 
vehicles or Draft orders to advance your vehicles up the racing pack. Before issuing 
an order you must select which team member to order. 

Team IVlBmbBr Selection 

Team Member Indicator: 

Awaiting selection 


Awaiting an order 

Team members have the same team color and team member indicator displayed above 
their vehicles. The color of the team member indicator matches the background color 
of the appropriate box in the pack position indicator, so that you can tell your two team 
members apart. 

Select a team member by pressing the Select Vehicle 1 or Select Vehicle 2 button 
(buttons are indicated on the pack position indicator). When selected, the vehicle will 
change to an alerted state as it awaits an order. Once a team member is alerted, you can 
issue an order to that vehicle. You can also select both team members by pressing both 
Select Vehicle buttons simultaneously. 

• A vehicle will remain alert for only a few seconds before reverting back to awaiting 
a selection. 

Team IVIember Perfarming: 




Double Block 



Triple Block 

Blocking orders team members to maneuver in front of opponent vehicles to slow them 
down so your trailing vehicles can catch up. A successful block results in the targeted 
vehicles braking heavily and weaving across the track as they regain control. Vehicles 
performing a blocking maneuver emanate a red glow from the rear. 

To issue a Block order, press the Team Block button when a vehicle is selected. 
Both the icon above the vehicle and its pack position indicator will change. 

For more effective blocking, wait until your team member is in front of an opponent 
vehicle before telling it to block. Also, try performing Double Block and Triple Block 
maneuvers by issuing Block orders to team members who are close together; if they are 
close to your vehicle they will join in a Block maneuver with you. 

• Use the Track Map to help yourself time when to issue Block orders to team members 

Team Member Performing: 




Double Draft 

Triple Draft 

Drafting, sometimes known as slipstreaming, is a racing maneuver that enables one 
vehicle to gain a speed boost by closely following another vehicle, and then, as a result, 
overtake the vehicle being drafted. A vehicle currently drafting emanates a slipstream 
effect from the rear. 

To issue a Draft order, select a vehicle and then press the Team Draft button. 
Both the icon above the vehicle and its pack position indicator will change. 

For more effective drafting, perform Double Draft and Triple Draft maneuvers by issuing 
Draft orders to team members who are close together; if they are close to your vehicle 
then you will be involved in the Draft maneuver. During a draft maneuver, the team 
vehicles involved (starting with the trailing vehicle) take turns drafting and boosting 
past the team vehicle ahead. 

A complete Triple Draft maneuver involving three vehicles is shown below: 

m(}i mD 

• Step 1: Team vehicle 3 drafts 
team vehicle R to boost ahead. 

• Step 2: Team vehicle 2 drafts 
team vehicle 1 to boost ahead. 

• Get closer to the team vehicle ahead to gain a more effective boost. 

• Chain draft maneuvers by issuing a second Draft order as soon as the first maneuver 
is complete. 

• Use the Track Map to help yourself time when to issue Draft orders to team members 

• Avoid drafting on tight corners and narrow sections of track. 

Cancel Team Drder 

You can cancel team orders at any time by pressing the Cancel Team Order button. 

Advanced IVianeuvers 

You can issue Block and Draft orders to different team members; for example, you can 
double-draft with one team member while another team member is blocking. You can 
also switch vehicles during a draft maneuver so you're always controlling the vehicle 
that has the speed boost. Experiment with different combinations of maneuvers and 
switching vehicles to improve your team's performance. 


TEAM RACE - Standard Team Race. 

TEAM ELIMINATION - At the end of each lap, the last two vehicles are eliminated 
from the race. Keep your team to the front of the pack to ensure success. 

TEAM DUEL - Starting as a one-on-one duel, at every two laps the team size increases 
until the race becomes a three-on-three team duel. 


As you compete in the various team championships, you win awards based on your 
finishing positions in races, competitions and championships. These awards are in the 
form of credits, vehicles, tracks, challenges and championships. The higher the position 
you achieve in a race, the better the rewards. Once a track, challenge or car has been 
awarded, it is then available for use in all game modes of FORD STREET RACING. You only 
receive the credit award the first time you complete a challenge. 

• RANK - For each competition you are awarded a Rank: Gold, Silver or Bronze. Your rank 
is based on your finishing position in each race; you need to win them all to get Gold! 

• SHOWROOM - Spend your credits in the Showroom to purchase new vehicles 
(from vehicles you have unlocked) for your team. When you first enter the Team 
Championship you will need to buy some vehicles from the Showroom. 

• GARAGE - This is where you can view vehicles you have bought, repair damaged 
vehicles, or sell vehicles you no longer need. 

• CHALLENGES - Challenges are a way of pushing your driving skills to the limit 
and earning extra credits to spend on your team. 


Before entering a Team Race, you must select a team of vehicles to race. In Team Single 
races, your team is always constructed from three vehicles. Selecting your first vehicle will 
"lock" the vehicle class — Classic, Performance or Higii Performance — and you will have 
to select your remaining two vehicles from the same class. You can also choose your team 
color while selecting your team. 

In Team Championship races, you must select a team of vehicles from those in your 
garage. Vehicles that do not match the criteria for the competition you are entering will not 
be available for selection. 

When you have chosen your team of vehicles and team color, you can proceed 
to track selection. 


In Solo Racing events, you drive one vehicle. With no Team Racing strategy to worry 
about, you can concentrate on improving your driving skills. 


Pack Position 

Tracts Map 

Pack Position Indicator 

Shows the current positions of all vehicles in the race. The vehicle displayed at the top 
is leading the pack. A white box indicates your vehicle; a readout in the box displays 
your vehicle's current race position. 

Traciv IVIap 

Shows the layout of the track ahead. Dots indicate the positions of all vehicles in the 
race: your vehicle is indicated by a yellow dot; other vehicles are indicated by blue dots. 
A checkered marker indicates the start/finish line. Above the map is a readout of your 
vehicle's current lap and total number of laps in the race. Below the map is a readout 
of your vehicle's current speed. Use the Rear View camera to see a reverse view 
of the tracl< and all vehicles behind you. 

Etandard Race Readouts 

TIME - Your current lap time. 

BEST - Your best lap time for this race, 

Time Trial Readouts 

TARGET - Target lap time to beat. 

CURRENT- Your current lap time. 

LAST - Time taken for your previous lap. 

RECORD - Current lap record for this vehicle. 
Overtake Readouts 
TIME - Time remaining for this challenge. 

CARS - Number of cars overtaken/ target number of cars to overtake. 
CLEAN - Number of cars overtaken cleanly in succession. 


STANDARD RACE -A standard race. Cross the finish line first to win! 

ELIMINATION - At the end of each lap, the last two vehicles are eliminated. 
Can you survive long enough to win? 

TIME TRIAL - You against the clock. 

DUEL - Head-to-head racing. Cross the finish line first to win! 

OVERTAKE - Leave the opposition standing! Overtake as many vehicles as you can 
in the time allowed. You are rewarded for clean driving; overtake three cars without 
hitting them to gain more time. 


To select a vehicle to race, first choose a Classic, Performance or High Performance class 
of vehicle. Then select the vehicle you want to race and its color. Vehicles you have not yet 
unlocked appear in silhouette. 


To select a track to race on, scroll left or right through the available tracks and use 

the Menu Up and Menu Down controls to switch between the forward or reverse direction 

of the track. 

• Tracks displayed with a padlock icon indicate that the track is locked and not currently 
available for selection. 




Kevin Bezant, Steve Hart, Jennie Bates 


Rick Nath, Kam Chana, Steven Crow, 
Simon Davies, James Morris, 
Dan Zelcs, Marco Segers, Mika Valimaa, 
Damien Murphy, Adam Wilkinson, 
Andrew Jacl<son, Daniel Martinez-Normand, 
John Wilkinson, Keith Burden, Sanjay Nath 


Anthony Lewis, Mike Harman 


Dave Proctor, Todd Gibbs, Jeff Sheard, 
Dave Lomas, Dan Clarke, 
Graham Blackwood, Kostas Pataridis, 
Jason Turner, loannis Venetsanopoulos 

Lead Bound Designer/ 
Music Composer 

Richard Beddow 

Additional Musician 

Roy Adams 

Additional Eound Design 

Greg Hill - Soundwave Concepts 

internal DA 

Gavin Clark, Richard Hughes 


Senior Executive Producer 

Simon Prytherch 

Producer Support 

Steve Metcalf 

DA Manager 

Dave Cleaveley 

Assistant DA Manager 

Steve Frazer 

DA Lead 

Cliff Ramsey 


Kyle Brewer, Wayne P Gardner, 
Darren T Bennett, Phil Octave, 
James Knight, James Davis 

Special Thanks To 

The Beanstalk Group, Terry Watts, 

Pam Goodey (our Los Angeles tour guide), 

Richard T. Weaver (Motor Services), 

NemeSys Technology, Inc. 


Keith LeBlanc/The Mix -Cymbals 


CEO & President, 
Eidos North America 

Bill Gardner 

Executive Vice President 
of Sales & Marketing 

Robert Lindsey 

Vice President, 

Legal & Business Affairs 

James O'Riordan 

Publishing Caardinatar, 
Legal and Business Affairs 

Clint Waasted 

Vice President of Finance 

Malcolm Dunne 

Vice President of Human Resources 

Edie Dykstra 
Director of Marketing 

Matt Gorman 

Marketing Manager 

David Bamberger 

Director of Public Relations 

Michelle Seebach Curran 
Public Relations Manager 

Matt Dahlgren 

National Eales Manager 

Joe Morici 
Channel Marketing Manager 


Senior Channel Marketing Specialist 

liana Budanitsky 

Channel Marketing Project Manager 

Diane Eng 
Channel Marketing Coordinator 

Rafal Dudziec 

Director of Marketing 

Stephanie Lipetzky 
Creative Services Project Manager 

Eileen Buenviaje 

Media Specialist 

Michael Iran 
Graphic Designer 

James Song 
Web Producer 

Roderick Van Gelder 

Web Designer 

John Lerma 
Events Manager 

Annie Meltzer 

Dperations Manager 

Gregory Wu 
Senior External Producer 


Associate Project Manager 

Clayton Palma 

Associate Manager 
of Product Dperations 

Colby McCracken 

Customer Support Supervisor 

Sean McCloskey 
Customer Support Care 

Adam Braswell 
OA/CS Manager 

Mark Cartwright 
DA Supervisor 

Aaron Safronoff 
DA Lead 

Stephen Cavoretto 
DA Technicians 

Aaron Keillor, John Hayes, 
Nicholas Cooprider, Nicholas Lutz, 
Wilfredo Dimas, Richard Hartzell 
Special Thanks 
Mark Bentley, Sandra Greenberg, 
Jim Ryan, Jill Harrell, Patrick Mulligan, 
Bill Price, Karl Stewart, Danny Jiang, 
Elyse Hughes, Jason Bergquist, Everyone 
at the Ford Global Licensing team, 
Hanshaw lnk& Image 

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Eidos, Inc., warrants to you, the original purchaser of this disc, that for a period 
of ninety (90) days from the date of your purchase, this disc shall be free from 
defects in materials and workmanship. If, at any time during the applicable 
ninety (90) day warranty period you determine that this limited warranty has 
been breached, Eidos, Inc., agrees, in its sole option, to repair or replace, free 
of charge, any such disc, provided the disc is returned postage-paid to the Eidos, 
Inc., Factory Service Center and a proof of date of purchase is included. This 
limited warranty is not applicable to normal wear and tear and shall be void 
with respect to any defects that arise 

from disc abuse, unreasonable use, mistreatment or neglect. This disc is sold 
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use or malfunction of this disc. This limited warranty states the entire obligation 
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warranty is determined to be void or illegal, the remainder shall remain in full 
force and effect. 

For warranty support please contact our Customer Support department at 
(415) 615-6220. Our staff is available Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. 
to 12:00 noon and 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time. You are responsible 
for all toll charges. Customer Support Representatives will not provide game 
hints, strategies or codes. 


In the event our support agents determine that your game disc is defective, 
you will need to forward material directly to us. Please include a brief letter 
explaining what is enclosed and why you are sending it to us. The agent you 
speak with will give you an authorization number that must be included and 
you will need to include a daytime phone number so that we can contact you 
if necessary. Any materials not containing this authorization number will be 
returned to you unprocessed and unopened. Send your postage-paid package 
to the following address: 

Eidos, Inc. Customer Services 
RMA# (state your authorization number here) 
651 Brannan Street, Suite 400 
San Francisco, CA 94107 
You are responsible for postage of your game to our service center. 

Ford Oval and nameplates are registered trademarks owned and licensed by Ford Motor Company, 
Shelby® and GT-500® are registered trademarks and/or intellectual property of Carroll Shelby and Carroll Shelby 
Licensing, Inc. and are used by Empire Interactive Europe Ltd. under license. Empire is a registered trademark of 
Empire Interactive Europe in the UK, Europe, and/or other countries. Dolby, Pro Logic, and the Double-D symbol 
are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories. Developed by Razorworks. Eidos and the Eidos logo are trademarks of Eidos 
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